Thursday, April 23, 2009

HB 1207 - Audit the Fed - 88 cosponsors so far!

Jesse Benton at the Campaign for Liberty is reporting that Ron Paul's bill to Audit the Fed! reached 88 cosponsors as of 3pm today. That's great news.

Also worth noting is that while I view Chris Dodd (and Joe Lieberman) as an opponent of good government (and Bernie Sanders seems to agree), I am still unaware of any of Connecticut's five House members cosponsoring the bill. I have no idea why. But I am particularly concerned with Congressmen Chris Murphy and Jim Himes. Chris is my Congressman, so that's my business. But I work in Himes' district and he's on the House Financial Services Committee - the place where Ron Paul introduced the bill. I'm thinking that I'll write to both of them this weekend, encouraging them to cosponsor this legislation that simply provides transparency to one of the most opaque parts of the US Government.

Tim White

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