Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Earth Day! And good luck job hunting!

Whereas, it's Earth Day and
Whereas, the job market stinks and
Whereas, President Obama wants to create green collar jobs;

Therefore, be it resolved, environmentally-friendly and socially-responsible job boards will proliferate across the web!

If you're looking for work and you're more focused on "doing good" than "doing well," then click some of these websites:

Idealist.org - This has the most job postings, but the database isn't very user-friendly.
SustainableBusiness.com - This has the most expansive list that is limited strictly to socially-responsible jobs.
BSR.org - Strictly limited to sociall-responsible jobs, but very few postings.
JustMeans.com - Another socially-responsible job board.

Then there are the name-brand, environmentally-friendly NGOs to consider:

EDF.org - The Environmental Defense Fund is a big non-profit.
NRDC.org - I think Rep. Esty worked at the Natural Resources Defense Council.
SierraClub.org - We all know this one.

And there are socially-responsible for-profits businesses:

CalvertGroup.com - An investment fund.
EstyEP.com - Esty Environmental Partners seeks to help clients develop and implement environmental strategies that provide business advantage.
RSMR.com - A headhunter with an environmental specialty.

And of course, you've got the big boys with their own - use your own phrase: Environmental, Corporate Citizenship, Social Responsibility, Sustainability - "do good" departments:

NikeBiz.com - Nike's got their "Corporate Responsibility" department.
Disney.recruitmax.com - Along with Walmart, Disney is probably one of the most progressive companies out there.

Anyway, have a good Earth Day... and if you're in the market, good luck with the job hunt!

Tim White

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Anonymous said...

The town council Dems have gone out of their way to show how much they care about the environment.

Unanimous approval of the W/S mall that will destroy 107 acres of woods and replace it with 37 acres of impervious surfaces. Despite all the negative environmental issues the Dems claimed this as one of their achievements.

Full support for replacing real grass with turf.

The total support of any development without regard to the environment.

We need people that will work to protect the natural environment and who understand the importance of our limited natural resources. We need to solve problems instead of adding to them with uncontrolled growth. We need to be planting trees instead of paving them over.