Tuesday, April 21, 2009

RTC meeting - Thurs 7:30pm - Senior Center

The Cheshire Republican Town Committee's next meeting is Thursday @ 7:30pm at the Senior Center. If you're interested in running for office, helping get candidates elected or just curious... feel free to stop by. New faces are always welcome!

Btw, the RTC usually meets on the fourth Thursday of the month at 7:30pm. The location switches though between Town Hall and the Senior Center.

Tim White


Anonymous said...


I believe that the RTC has become a farce, what was once the backbone of Cheshire has diminished to a less than quorum of do-nothing tag-a-longs.

Don't get me wrong, I believe there is talent on the committee but they can't do everything. Wait until election time, you'll see the same dozen faces working their butts off while the rest stay at home admiring their title on their resume'.

We need all new fresh faces or someone should create a third committee, I would honored to be a member of the CTC: The Cheshire Conservative Committee. All Democrats, Republicans, Independents..everyone is welcome

There's no leader of the Republican party, Nationally, Statewide or Locally. It's completely in disarray and needs a face lift and an identity makeover.

Anyone with me?


Anonymous said...

I attended a couple of meetings a few years back. When at back to back meetings the time as dominated by one elected official bemoaning how Mike Milone failed to give him a raise I decided those were two evenings out of my life I was not getting back, and moved on.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the etc can get a candidate who can properly represent the south end of cheshire

Bill said...

Time has come to support candidates that really want to make things better for the Town and not just a D or an R. Problem is the D's & R's control everything. Try to get elected in this town as a U or I. Many members of both parties vote for the party and not for what a person brings. Our political system needs a solid & strong unaffiliated or independent party. Just think what would happen if the town council was made up of 4 R's, 4 D's and 1 unaffiliated. I know who would be the most important person in town.