Friday, April 10, 2009

Council agenda 4/14/09

The Council agenda for April 14, 2009:Item 7D jumped out at me:If I recall correctly, it originally came to the Council during my first term - at least four years ago. Then it went away as a result of the various state changes to our local Plan of Conservation and Development. And now it's back.

I may post more about it tomorrow. I know a lot of regulars here are interested in local development.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

7A is interesting. "Authorization for the Boe's use of funds from the capital non-recurring account."
I know money was set aside for the Boe supposedly to be used for emergency repairs only.
Please tell me they're using it for a true emergency and not for something like offsetting teacher salary increases.

Anonymous said...

"Neutron Jack"---got rid of people- left buildings standing

"Neutron Matt"---kept the people and let the buildings fall apart?

Anonymous said...

Bowman, Dinatli and Brodach buuld the most crap houses.. It goes with the saying that you want to be the 2nd or 4rd owner because then all the problems have been fixed.