Sunday, March 29, 2009

Two other April dates for a Cheshire Tea Party

There's definitely a number of people in town who are interested in having a Tea Party in Cheshire. I had heard April 15 mentioned, but then someone posted here that there's one planned for April 15 in Hartford. So it may be better to schedule a different day.

To that end, I did some quick research and found two significant April dates for Cheshire:

1) April 12, 1724 was the birth date of Founding Father Lyman Hall. Hall was born in Wallingford. But remember... Cheshire was a part of Wallingford until 1780.*

2) April 17, 1837 was the birth date of
J.P. Morgan, the father of J.P. Morgan, Jr the creator of The Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve is opposed by elected members of Congress, such as Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich, who are opponents of The Political Class. Needless to say, I'm not a fan of The Federal Reserve, particularly since they continue refusing to reveal the recipients of the $10 trillion they've recently printed for more of their friends in high places.

FWIW, the reason I like the idea of peaceful protest right now is not the stimulus package. While I doubt more deficit spending will fix our deficit spending addiction, I believe that elections have consequences. And this is a consequence of an election.

However, I'm focused on these never ending bailouts. Last week Geithner announced another $1 trillion dollars for his billionaire buddies. And Obama has a "placeholder" in his budget for another $250 billion for those same people. But these bailouts are not a consequence of the election. They're happening despite the election. They're happening because of the bipartisan fear-mongering (Paulson - R, Summers - D) that continues to tell us "bailout opposition will result in the end of civilization!" Pure nonsense. And it needs to stop.

Tim White

* Now I'm wondering if Matt is related Lyman?


Anonymous said...

are we dumping tea in to the town pool?

Anonymous said...

How many people know that J.P. Morgan went to Cheshire Academy?

Anonymous said...

A real plan:

1. Viciously oppose any government expenditures.

2. Send tea bags. (Used ones)

3. Await the tea bag results.

4. Stay the course.

5. Do nothing more.

6. Rally to keep the tax cut.

7. Rally against gay marriage.

8. Take credit for saving a lot of money.

9. Hope the American people appreciate all the hard work of staying the course.