Monday, April 20, 2009

The final hurdle

The April 9 Council vote on the budget is now available on the Town's website. And if you read my LTTE in the Herald last week, you may have wondered what I meant by "the final hurdle." If so, click here.

Also, now that the Council meetings are being uploaded to the web... I don't expect to be uploading full meetings any more. I'm sure I'll still be doing "highlights" though. ;)

Tim White

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Anonymous said...

Well the teachers got their way and the H with everyone else.

As a thought, imagine if they didn't get their ill deserved raise of 4.3%, some of that raise would have enabled the town to completely pay the annual cost of the pool forever, all use fees could have been eliminated and the 5,000 or more children in town could have free use of the pool. Wow, it could really be a town pool.