Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Per pupil spending - $10,300 in 06/07 & $12,000 in 09/10

As a followup to the previous post on the "142 out of 166" ranking of spending per student in the Cheshire Public Schools... and a prelude to an upcoming Richmond Glen / Serenity Ranch post...

I ran some "spending per pupil" figures on the current year school budget (2008/09) and next year's budget (2009/10). I hope the figures are self-explanatory:If you read my "notes," you'll see my figures are imperfect. First, I'm uncertain of a the $115 per student discrepancy between my figure and the OPM figure. Second, I haven't included the Capital Non-Recurring number of $170 per student.

Regardless, either way the Town is spending approximately $12,000 per student beginning in September 2009. That's worth noting when you consider the secondary residential impacts of Richmond Glen / Serenity Ranch (see here, here and here).

Tim White

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tim white said...

I made a mistake. The 2009/10 number is $500 overstated. And it didn't come from the Sptd's budget. It was the Sptd's budget, less the BOE and Council reductions.