Thursday, April 16, 2009

Startup businesses in Cheshire

In the past two weeks I learned of two Cheshirites who are braving the economic hurricane and starting businesses here.

Fellow blogger, Craig Houghton of CTP, has a photography business that compliments his painting and illustration business. Some of the long-timers here may recall this portrait from his portfolio. (I tried uploading the portrait, but am having a problem I often encounter in uploading *.jpg files.)

Also a neighbor (Bradford Drive), Jamie Arute, has started a martial arts studio:I wish them both luck!

Tim White


csh said...

Thanks, Tim, for both the mention and the well-wishing. For the curious, please do check out Nutmeg Muse Photography at where you will find samples of our work, pricing (very low!), and contact information.

Anonymous said...
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