Monday, April 27, 2009

School participation fee survey

The Schools are looking for feedback on reinstating a student activity fee. They're asking the question:

1. Given the current budget situation, the Board of Education is faced with the elimination of some activities or the institution of a participation fee. Do you support the concept of a participation fee?

Nice idea to ask, though I suspect the results will be of dubious value as the poll is probably not scientific in nature.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Tim, in a previous post, someone said the "gate fees" go to the Booster Club for trophies etc.
Could you check to see if that is the case, and if so why?
Shouldn't that money, whether it is the gate from a basketball game or football game go back to the athletic dept.?
Doesn't it make more sense?
Perhaps they could use this money to offset some of those fees??

Similar to UCONN Basketball and football programs supporting many of the other sports teams.


tim white said...

done. I emailed the Sptd.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the solution to the ongoing public school budgeting crisis is a voucher system or some sort of tax credit. I believe my kids would do better away from all the union work rule mentality of our teachers, turf-heads, overpaid school administrators, school police officers, hall monitors, and mandatory prep time for standardized testing in place of time for teaching the basics etc.

Bring on vouchers and allow parents a choice between the public and private sector.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather see an activity fee than layoffs.

I'm not sure some of the yuppie parents in town would agree, though. Drive that Volvo wagon another year if you have to. It will fit another team sticker on the back window

tim white said...


Money collected is part of athletic budget. Covers the cost of officials, and other costs. Funds are deposited in CHS Student Activity account.Being part of the athletic budget makes sense to me, though I'm not really sure about the nature of the CHS Student Activity account.

Breachway said...

My response was why are there 2 options- either charge a fee or lose programs. The answer is because the spineless super only has the courage to ask students for give backs but not the teachers.
Anon 7:29- I am not a yuppie and I am against the fees. I also don't drive a Volvo. Also, is there something wrong with being a young professional? Isn't that why you want your kids to be in a good school system?

Anonymous said...

Thoughts on 843: a.m."My response was why are there 2 options- either charge a fee or lose programs. The answer is because the spineless super only has the courage to ask students for give backs but not the teachers. "

The super is playing politics and not really doing the job he is paid for which is not politics but is effective administration.

The super is trying to create a groundswell of public sentiment against the already passed town budget.

It is quite clear that proposed activity fees will not fill the void associated with budget babbling provided by the school system administration.

The budget is passed and it is up to town employees to stop whining and start implementing.

Employees who cannot agree to follow the official plan should consider a job change.

Anonymous said...

The parents should wakeup and realize that the teachers and union bosses are playing with them.

Not only are they sticking it to the taxpayers, the parents are targeted twice. I think the parents, at this point in time, would vote for more cuts in the budget and fewer teachers, and other staff.

Enough is enough. Let's outsource the gravy train and let these people try to get a job that pays half of what they are getting now.

Anonymous said...

The question the super should have asked is:
Do you want us to institute a participation fee (of $75 - $100) or list other areas you would rather see reductions? He could give choices like layoffs (since unions aren't conceding anything), all catered events get eliminated (super's cookouts, parties, honors dinners, coffee/cookies, catered breakfasts for teachers on PDD's, etc), car allowances, cell phones, medical benefits trust, etc.)

There are other areas that could be reduced!

Greg S. said...

Tim--I responded to the fee survey and my comment regarded the "dues" collected by the individual team's (or the band) Parent Associations. If the town is going to charge a participation fee then I will be happoy to pay it but at the same time the town should specifically forbid/ban the collection of any other fees by the parent associations. Certainly, parent membership in the associations is completely "voluntary" so no one can be forced to pay the dues (I think the band parents try to collect over $400 from each member)but many parents do not realize this so they pay even if they don't want to or perhaps out of embarassment or shame. So what we're really talking about here is a possible double whammy.

Also, when considering the "gate" perhaps a participation fee should not be a flat rate but be adjusted depending on whether or not there is a gate for the particular sport. If my kid is on track or baseball or cross country or soccer I can just walk up and watch the competition but for most of the other sports and band competitions I need to pay to see my kid play. So, again, we're talking about the double whammy.

Anonymous said...

Teaching is a great job. Once your tenured, you can just coast, and the raises and benefits just keep rolling in.

What's great is when everyone else is worried about their jobs or unemployed, the stores are having terrific sales, cars are offered with great incentive, houses including vacation properties are a bargain and you don't have to worry about your salary, medical costs or retirement. It's just great to have taxpayers and a union.

The only thing better than a recession would be a deep depression.

Anonymous said...

The last time they charged fee's it only amounted to $75,000. This is peanuts in a $60M budget. I agree that this is politics. Stop the BS and start cutting other items that are inflated please.

Bill said...

I will gladly pay to play. I choose only to contribute my fair share of my total property tax to the municipal side of the budget. I choose not to contribute any of my property tax dollars to the school system. Under this plan I should see about a 70% reduction in my property tax. This is the only fair way to play pay to play.