Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Energy stimulus - setting CTs criteria for distribution of the $38 million

Following Monday's Energy Commission meeting, I emailed Cheshire's state legislators to determine if Obama's stimulus package may have a few million dollars in "loose change" that could be used for a permanent structure for the pool.

State Rep. Elizabeth Esty responded by saying the situation is fluid and she and state Rep. Vickie Nardello are following the process. I thanked Elizabeth. But since Vickie is the co-Chair of the Energy Committee in Hartford, I'm guessing she'll be more aware of what's happening. So I emailed Vickie:

Hi Vickie,

Will the Energy Committee be setting the criteria for the distribution of funds? I'm guessing this would have input from the Administration's "energy people," but would be adopted by your committee (and the full legislature) before going to Gov. Rell for signature?

If there's any insight you can offer on the process, I know the Cheshire Energy Commission (and others) would be very interested to hear it.


I figure the first step is determining the criteria that are being used in the distribution of funds. Then we can determine if Cheshire's pool is eligible.

Tim White


Bill said...

What other answer would you expect from an elected official. Of course the answer is fluid. Fluid is the excuse for all politicians when they answer a question. The Queen of Dream is no different.

Robert DeVylder Jr. said...

I would have to imagine that the pool cover would have to be submitted as a "shovel ready" project. The pool is a want, not a need. Alot of other towns in CT dont have a pool (or a pool and a public swimming location).

tim white said...

Thing is, in Feb 2008 I tried to get the Council moving in the most timid manner possible (recognizing they wanted to pretend the pool was a non-issue). So I suggested a request for information.

The response?

"Tim, I don't understand. What do you mean a request for information?"

Absolute nonsense. They just drag their feet. And now the Council is probably going to recommend cutting the school and police budgets... but what about the pool?

Nope. No way. Can't touch the pool budget.

Priorities matter and this majority is plain wrong.