Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Legislative response to my query about stimulus funding for a pool structure

Yesterday I mentioned that I emailed Cheshire's state Legislators. I've already gotten a response from Rep. Esty:


Both Vickie and I have been in touch with the Gov’s office about the $38 million. Plans as yet unclear – DOE regs require the state to submit a plan by May 15, which will not be specific projects, I believe, but the contours of which categories the money will be used for. Focus is on energy efficiency, green jobs training, etc. Talk, too, about using the dollars for loans rather than grants, at least for larger projects.

Might be faster to talk on the phone in the next few days (but probably after the budget comes out on Thursday.)


So who knows? Maybe something could happen.

On a related note, the Energy Commission is involved in the planning of an Earth Day event at the Public Library on April 18. Elizabeth Esty will be offering comments.

Tim White

* Elizabeth "replied all." So I don't expect to hear from anyone else.

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