Saturday, April 04, 2009

Dodd's troubles continue

Senator Chris Dodd may have a Dem primary with the former 1st Selectman of Greenwich, Roger Pearson.

And troubles of Dodd's own making will continue to haunt him. First AIG got the $165 million in so-called retention bonuses. Now in a typical Washington-style Friday afternoon news dump, we learn that Fannie and Freddie are dishing out $210 million in bonuses for their failures.

From my perspective... Congress (Ds & Rs, including Dodd) encouraged Fannie / Freddie to issue loans to people who were not creditworthy. Then Fannie / Freddie get bailed out with our tax dollars when the house of cards falls. Now Fannie / Freddie execs will live high on the hog on our tax dollars?

I can't wait for the Tea Party!

Tim White

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