Monday, March 09, 2009

Dodd's troubles are known nationwide

Sure, the NextRight's Ironman is no fan of Chris Dodd. And the Courant's Kevin Rennie isn't going to play pattycakes with our senior Senator. But now, even Time Magazine is discussing Senator Dodd's troubles.

If Dodd's approval ratings don't improve, I still think there's a chance we'll see Chris Murphy running for the US Senate in 2010.

My top two choices though are Sam Caligiuri (R) and Peter Schiff (?).

Tim White


David said...

You could have made a punny and said that they were known Countrywide.

Tony said...

It is about time for Dodd to graciously acknowledge his predicament and to support another democrat for his seat in 2010.

Anonymous said...

Chris Murphy for Senate

tim white said...

Dodd won't walk away. Otherwise he would've taken Biden's Foreign Relations Chairmanship and left Banking.

I'm convinced Dodd will need to be forced out.

If Blumie wouldn't primary Lieberman, there's no way he'll primary Dodd.

That leaves it to Murphy to either primary Dodd or let Caligiuri / Simmons take the seat that Dodd appears to be trying to lose.

Anonymous said...

Dodd probably won't have his buddy Teddy Kennedy helping him campaign, and he may not have the funding he usually has.
This is the time to beat him!