Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Death of The Rubber Stamp?

The Herald's Josh Morgan reports on the Town website's videostreaming:

“We were originally looking at more sophisticated video streaming, but it was expensive,” said staff. Sheldon Dill made this happen because he knew the 19 month delay was nonsense and nothing but administrative obstructionism given cover by the Democratic Rubber Stamp Council The Council made it clear that they wanted to go with the simplest, easiest process.”

First he voiced opposition to spending $150,000 on the voter-rejected Mixville Pump Station. Then the Council refuses to waive the school bus contract. And now this!

Next thing you know, you'll see defined benefit plans get eliminated as an option for future non-union employees and the $150,000 for the building assessment consultant may disappear!

Nah... I'm sure these things are all "coincidental."

I thank Councilman Dill for his efforts.

Tim White

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