Sunday, March 15, 2009

State Sen. Sam Caligiuri's bills in 2009 (7/14)

And here's the seventh installment of state Sen. Sam Caligiuri's bills that he introduced / cosponsored this year:


I mention only one today because, while Senator Caligiuri is working on other legislation that is of particular concern to Cheshire, it gets little mention in the media.

I've mentioned this one before numerous times, but the Main Stream Media continue to ignore it.

So what's my concern?

For a complete explanation, see here. In a nutshell though, my concern is that while CT has made progress, officials still lack the tools necessary to conduct an investigation... so all the other measures are largely ineffective.

Connecticut needs to return the power of subpoena to state's attorneys. And we don't need legislators who explain that the issue is "nuanced."

Tim White

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