Friday, March 20, 2009

Ron Paul is 100% right

Watch this video if you're curious to know exactly how I feel about the AIG bonuses. Yes, they're obscene. And I hope Geithner, Summers and Bernanke get canned by Obama. But the real issues are much, much larger - the bailout and Congress' total negligience with regard to monetary policy.

TIm White


Anonymous said...

I agree with Mr.Paul,we the voting public have been listening to both parties for as many years as I have been alive.That's going on 72 years.I believe both parties are in cahoots with with each other for shared power of the American people.Just stop and think,look,and listen to what they say.Will we,the voting public ever learn that we are nothing but pawns of there GREED? Damn it wake up everybody!

Anonymous said...

That he is,we need a TEA PARTY and TOILET FLUSH as soon as possible.How about this next Election Day?