Thursday, March 26, 2009

09/10 Town budget - Human Resources

Continuing with a prior budget meeting... and harkening back to last year, you may recall this post and video:

And I again see that the HR staff reports to the Finance Director:not the Personnel Director:Why?

It seems to me that these departments may offer duplicate services. Perhaps some savings could be found here? At minimum, we should consider eliminating the costly role of Assistant Town Manager*:And in an effort to streamline operations, perhaps the Personnel Director should report to the Finance Director?

Tim White

* This is the 04/05 budget. Since then, the Assistant Town Manager stipend has been hidden included in another budgetary line item.


Anonymous said...

What would David Hannan do?

Robert DeVylder Jr. said...

I think what they did to "eliminate" the asst. town manager job was to give the personal director 7200 to fill that role too. Over the years, they probably stopped giving the alotment and automaticly increased the p.d. salary to reflect.

Anonymous said...

Is there an organizational chart available to the public to see the reporting relationships?