Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Chris Murphy, my dad and the founding of America

Congressman Chris Murphy continues working with my dad, John White, to pass a Congressional resolution to encourage public schools to display the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights.

My dad has also approached Chris to see if he'd work to give George Washington a Congressional Medal of Honor. The Medal of Honor is the highest award given American soldiers. Cheshire has two recipients (not winners - no one wins such an award). See here for the stories that led to the Medals for Barney Barnum and Eri Woodbury.

Excerpted from an online petition supporting my dad's goal:

There were many occasions when General Washington showed incredible courage and disregard for his own personal safety. Perhaps most notable of these acts, and for which he should be honored with the MOH, was during the Battle of Princeton, January 3, 1777. Accounts of this battle explain in detail how General Washington rallied troops by riding out in front of the American lines, positioning him self between his own troops and the British lines. While musket balls from both directions flew past Washington, the General held his ground inspiring the American troops to advance on the British positions, ultimately pushing the British back and winning the Battle of Princeton.

Due to his actions during the Battle of Princeton, General George Washington established him self as an American Hero and a leader who inspired his men by example. General Washington’s willingness to lead his troops from the front, while shots from British sharp shooters and from his own men flew across the battle field around him, is an act of incredible bravery in the face of advancing British forces. This single act of courage earned the respect of his men, and inspired an army that defeated the British and secured the right of existence for Americans to live free of tyrannical rule.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Tim, your dad taught me that it is the Medal of Honor, not the "Congressional" Medal of Honor.

Anonymous said...

George Washington; founder of our country is not deserving of the CMH. I respect that he served at the time of the founding of our country and is our first President. All of his work came before the time of the CMH founding. It serves no purpose to award a past patriot the medal. The CMH has been designated to be given to those individuals that have have given the extreme sacrifice for the US and that was not designated until after Washington had passed away. An honor after death in this instance serves no purpose, George would not really care. I realize that George did much for the country, but if he were alive I would expect him to refuse because he he did what what he thought was right and not for a medal. This is not to take away from those that have received the MOH since the creation of that award, but the majority of the recipients would have chosen to be alive at the time. As one student from our revered high school said when the Wall was in Town last year; oh yeah, I know about the Medal of Honor, my brother won that in track last year.

So all you clowns int Town, stand up and plead for more money to be spent on education, the more you spend the dumber your kids get.