Thursday, March 26, 2009

Must see British political TV!

Whether you're liberal or conservative, a tory or a socialist... if you appreciate the power of well-delivered comments... you'll LOVE this:

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

Can we trade Boehner or McConnell for Hannon? Heck... let's give 'em two players and toss in three years salary!

Tim White


Anonymous said...

That smirking face quickly panned in the video is Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Here he looks like Matt Altieri. He's going to get clobbered in the next election -- Brown, that is ... and maybe his look-alike pal too!

Anonymous said...

have they installed artificial turf at Oxford?

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine that Oxford, or Her Majesty, would allow such a blight -- artifical turf that is ... and maybe not its look-alike proponent either.