Monday, March 30, 2009

Can a performance contract finance the Mixville Pump Station?

Before I got elected to the Council, one of my goals was to make the Town more energy-efficient in a cost-effective manner. Five years into it and my work continues.

Last November, the voters rejected a Council proposal to bond $1,000,000 to finance an upgrade to the Mixville Pump Station. In January, the Council further discussed the rejected project by saying the Council could still spend $150,000 to plan for the $1,000,000 project that will be necessary at some point. Then later in January, I suggested the Town not bond the project but consider financing it with a performance contract. Then on March 24 I shared my efforts to ensure the Town was considering performance contracting as an alternative financing mechanism. It was during the sewer portion of the budget that I explained my efforts.

And tonight I continued my attempt to make the Town more energy-efficient in a cost-effective manner by emailing the Council, staff and the WPCA Chairman. I'd post the email, but then this post will get pretty long. Maybe I'll post it tomorrow.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

This project is difficult to get any ESCO to perform on an performance base contract. The energy demand is low, the potential for an ESCO to make money over 20 years is low. Now if it was combined with combined heat & power, powered by waste (methane) from the sludge, provided by the Town for free to power the CHP system, somebody may get interested.

Anonymous said...

Keep it simple, you cannot finance someone else to pay for your ****