Saturday, March 28, 2009

A tea party in Cheshire?

The emails have started. There's a movement afoot for a Tea Party in Cheshire on April 15. I'm thinking I may make a sign:There's a protest tea party in Stamford this afternoon.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Do we need artificial turf before we can protest?

Anonymous said...

I'll be too busy walking my three dogs in the new Cheshire Dog Arena!


P.S. Then I think a relaxing bike ride on the new trail up to Southington and a dip in Ye Ole Cement Pond w/o the bubble. See you all there.

Anonymous said...

i believe there is going to be one in Hartford on April 15th, one big one better than many little ones. Don't you think?

Anonymous said...

This year as I send in my 1040, I'm especially happy to be bailing out Wall Street and assisting its worst and dumbest with huge bonuses.

Hey Obama, where's all the change you promised? Aren't the Democrats supposed to be the party of the working middle class? Words are cheap.

Pam Fowler said...

April 15th Tea Parties:

New Haven - Long Wharf - 11am-1pm
Contact Tanya at

Hartford - TBA until permit is approved - Coming SOON! or

Norwich - Marina - 3-6 /

Next up:
Clinton and Woodbury - watch or details.

For more info contact Pam Fowler at