Saturday, March 14, 2009

Funding arrives in CT for shovel-ready projects

From the MRJs Andrew Perlot:

Meriden and Wallingford are both set to benefit from a recently approved federal spending bill that includes money for four local projects and programs...

Wallingford's Quinnipiac River Linear Trail will receive $1.425 million to extend the walking and biking path into Yalesville at the intersection of Chapel and Main streets, said Mary Mushinsky, co-chair of the trail's advisory committee.

From the WRAs Rick Harrison:

Earmarks requested by Murphy, either alone or with other members of Congress, include $1.19 million for the implementation of a noise remediation study in the area affected by the Waterbury-Oxford Airport, $1.45 million for the assessment and remediation of brownfield sites in Waterbury, $100,000 for a Police Activity League program in Waterbury, and $215,000 for an upgraded radio communications system in Middlebury.

Noticeably absent from both the MRJ and WRA articles is any mention of Cheshire. Cheshire's wish list is here. Further details can be found here and here.

I haven't heard anything about funding for any of Cheshire's projects that were sent to the state. And now I'm beginning to wonder if we needed to send the list directly to Chris Murphy. Maybe I'll attend his breakfast at Paul's on Monday morning and ask him.

Also from the WRA article:

With state aid and fundraising slowed to a trickle in the stricken economy, she turned to her local congressman, Rep. Christopher S. Murphy. Thanks to Murphy, D-5th District, the foundation will receive $190,000 in federal money for the project.

I'm wondering if we got all our ducks in a row on these shovel-ready projects.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Maybe Murphy forgot where he is supposed to be from and got some earmarks for Wethersfield.

Murphy is just using Cheshire as a pit stop on his way to the Senate. He'll move to Avon right before he runs statewide so he's closer to where his fundraisers are.

Anonymous said...

Whether you like it or not, Murphy delivers pork. It would just be nice if any of it was to really help Connecticut to be mor competitive.