Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What is Dodd thinking? Or... Is he thinking?

Hat tip to Ironman for catching this CNN clip that showcases Senator Dodd's apparent flip flop:Ironman also suggests that Geithner was caught in a lie about the AIG bonuses via this Time Magazine link. Having read the beginning of the article it seems to indicate that Geithner's not lying about the AIG bonuses... he's just in over his head.

Regardless, Geithner probably belongs in jail for tax evasion. So we already know he's a liar who needs to fired by President Obama.

Tim White


tim white said...

I'm seeing stuff online that seems to be saying Dodd was actually taking a hit for the administration... and it was Treasury (Geithner??) who wanted the bonuses.

Regardless, with all the money that Dodd's raised from AIG... he looks terrible no matter what happened.

Anonymous said...

Next CT Senate election:
ABCD--Anybody But Chris Dodd!

Anonymous said...

What a weasel. Dodd needs to be fired too.