Saturday, March 14, 2009

The economy is now sound?

I noticed this AP headline yesterday by Darlene Superville:

Obama says US economy sound, reassures investors

I was completely confused because I recalled the big back'n'forth last summer between Obama/McCain and between Shay/Himes over the strong fundamentals of the economy. If you're interested in some of the debate on the obvious discussion, Ironman already offered his perspective with rebuttals that follow.

For me though, I don't have the time to get into parsing words on this topic. It seems to be fairly obvious... a candidate's words are different from an incumbent's words.

Last year, then-Senator Obama spoke ill of the American economy as he spoke with the constituency he knew - the American voters. Today, President Obama speaks highly of the American economy as he speaks with a constituency he didn't know last year - America's Chinese bankers.

But perhaps President Obama's team can clarify this seeming disparity? I hope they do. Though to a large extent, it doesn't matter because he is the President.

In the meantime, I'll continue hoping that the President concludes that foreign affairs are too complicated and nuanced and decides to simplify them. I suggest he simplify things by:

1) ending this notion that America must be the world's policeman

2) reducing our debt - so we need not rely on the benevolence of totalitarian regimes

but I doubt he will.

Tim White

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