Sunday, March 22, 2009

AIG bonuses: The real problem for Dodd and Congress

Congressman Ron Paul speaks on the real problem with the AIG bonuses - Apparently no one in Congress read the stimulus package before the vote!

Ron Paul says only five copies of the 1,000 page bill were even available. And while the $165 million (and counting??) in bonuses is obscene... The Fed printed another $1 trillion on Friday to buy "toxic assets."

Ummm... forgive me if I missed something, but isn't that why Congress voted for the $700 billion Bush / Dodd bailout last fall?

...the revised bill that was voted for contained provisions that assured that if the Treasury did not recoup their investment through the resale of the troubled assets Wall Street would be billed for the difference...

- Chris Murphy, October 6 2008, explaining his support for last fall's bailout.

Well, at least the bailout was assured of being a bipartisan effort with the likes of Hank Paulson (R-Goldman) and Robert Rubin (D-Goldman) crossing the aisle to work together for the good of their cronies the country.

Ron Paul explains Congress and their inability to act responsibly:

It's this kind of honesty that got me to knock on doors in New Hampshire for him.

I'm so glad he ran for President. Now there's at least one honest politician in Washington who has a bully pulpit from which to speak the truth.

Tim White

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Anonymous said...

Did you get Murphy's taxpayer funded campaign mailer the otehr day?

He practically broke his arm patting himself on the back for voting to put the country a trillion dollars further in hock. so ...CT can get $300M in road funds and some of us can get some piddling $10 week tax cut.


He forgot to include in his self-congratulatory piece the bill he applauded approved the $218 million in AIG bonuses. The again, the dunce didn't read the bill he voted for.