Friday, September 18, 2009

Using the turf money on the athletic complex

More than a year ago I tried to determine the criteria used in allocating the turf money. Unfortunately, when the Rubber Stampers voted to accept the turf money from Crusher's annual $12 million slush fund then-Speaker Amann's annual $12 million discretionary fund, the Rubber Stampers were defiant, indignant and angry. And my questions geared toward a rational adult-like discussion were ignored. Instead we witnessed a whole bunch of chest-pounding "I don't know why I take this abuse" comments.

It was Town Council Truthiness at its finest!

Anyway, my point is that I believe the $525,000 of turf money could be used on any part of the CHS athletic complex... including the construction of new locker rooms.

As an anecdotal piece of evidence to substantiate my belief, I offer what one anonymous commenter mentioned:

State grant money can be redirected at times. It was recently done in Wallingford.

And since a Cheshire turf bill proposed by state Rep. Mary Fritz mentioned CHS' entire athletic complex in the language, my guess is that the turf money could be used on locker rooms at the athletic complex... though the Town's current majorities on the Council and BOE would likely never admit that. Pounding their chests, getting angry and throwing a temper tantrum is much easier than having an adult conversation about the merits of an issue.

Until someone shines a light on the murky depths of Hartford's slush funds and show me the details that prohibit the use of the turf money on new locker rooms... I will support the use of those funds on new locker rooms at the football field.

I have to wonder if the Council's Rubber Stampers intend to bring this to a vote before November 3rd?

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be ironic if the $500K referendum was voted down, but they continued to get the turf going? We can have a brand new field but old, beat up locker rooms.

These people are complete idiots to continue to push for a turf field in this economy while also asking the town for $500K.

Lets hope November does come fast before they can push this through.

Anonymous said...

Laura is a no-show. At worst yhis will deadlock in a vote this year. At best it will be left to the next council led by a Republican majority.

Anonymous said...

Where is the remaining $300K plus for the turf going to come from in this economy?

How about we let a couple more teachers go and let class size increase? That work for you cement heads?

Anne Giddings said...

I agree with you, Tim, that the state grant money should be used for athletic complex NEEDS that we have now, rather than an expensive WANT. (And, exactly what are the annual maintenance costs for artificial turf? Why are pro teams moving away from using artificial turf? Cost and safety are very important issues.)

I remember one of the Republican Council members asking at the joint budget/Council meeting whether the grant could be used for the track and locker rooms. Was it you, or Tim Slocum, or Jimmy Sima? The manager was to get back to all of you with that information. Did you get any? I wanted to know the answer also, but at that meeting the public could not comment.

When Mr. Milone read part of the grant wording, I think at the Capital Budget hearing, it certainly seemed to me that the funds could be used for any part of the "athletic complex."

We should use the grant money first.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Ecke or Altieri have a relative who sells and installs artificial turf? This might explain a lot.

Anonymous said...

If you think about the words "athletic complex" it should be clear that it pertains to any area of the High School where athletic events (games or practices) occur. For all practical purposes, it should also include inside areas where athletics occur.
So with that said, the $525K should be able to be used to "renovate and/or improve" any area at CHS where athletic events occur.
Don't let those fake turf people tell you otherwise.
Perhaps all the comments here should be emailed to the BOE & TC members. Maybe then they'll get the message.

Anonymous said...

Better yet, write some letters to the editor and let your opinions be known.

Anonymous said...

Turf and pool. It seems that those are the only problems that Cheshire has. Why are we not discussing how we are going to keep our taxes affordable in the next few years? I believe a safe town with low taxes will attract many more people than turf fields and less than attractive pool. Let's work on the basics.

Anonymous said...

If we fixed those 2 problems we will keep the taxes lower, but if we don't, we will be paying more. So, this election, it is important for people to vote in people who will help control this ridiculous spending.

"If you think about the words "athletic complex" it should be clear that it pertains to any area of the High School where athletic events (games or practices) occur. For all practical purposes, it should also include inside areas where athletics occur."
We also need to be cautious about the referendum for $500K "to improve the infrastructure of Cheshire High School". The turf heads could see that as part of the infrastructur and use that money for the turf and take a smaller amoung to rehab the existing locker rooms rather that build new ones.

Watch them try and work their magic on us.

Vote no on that referendum unless it is more specific.

Anonymous said...

Just elect a Republican majority so we can get back to sane, mature,
common sense governing.

Anonymous said...

Jsuton Adinolfi camee to my door today with some ally of his . I told him I had no interest in voting back in the same people who've made the mess in town.

He tried to say he wasn;t on the Council. Then I reminded him he used to be.

We are in dire need of fresh blood and fresh thinking.

Anonymous said...

And here's another example of redirecting funds. The Bond Commission authorized Wallingford to redirect $90K from a previous land aquisition to a linear trail project.

March 26, 2004


State Representative Mary Mushinsky (D-Wallingford) is pleased to announce that the State Bond Commission has approved funding for Wallingford today.

Wallingford is authorized to redirect $90,000 from a previous land acquisition to extend the Quinnipiac River Linear Trail. The funds will allow the town to use the remaining balance toward constructing the trail and would help close the funding gap for the project.

"This Bond Commission funding will allow us to recycle unspent dollars from our last land acquisition and divert it to completing the tunnel under the Wilbur Cross Parkway and the nearby bridge over the Quinnipiac River," Rep. Mushinsky said. "Senator Fasano and I worked with the governor’s office, legislative leaders and the Bond Commission to get this approved and we can now move forward with the project."

Anonymous said...


I believe you are on to something. I am about 90% sure that one of the the turf heads, either in meeting notes or a quote to the Herald saw the turf project as "infrastructure". I thought it odd at the time and what kind of idiot would think that.