Thursday, September 03, 2009

Energy Commission Sept 3, 2009

The Energy Commission met tonight. EC member Clive Scorey offered interesting thoughts / comments on two topics in particular:

1) New lighting for the Town Hall parking lot. I shared his previous email in which he explains some of the recent improvements in lighting technology.

2) Councilman Matt Altieri has taken
his advocacy of the consideration of performance contracting on the road! Matt was discussing the concept at last night's PBC meeting.

Too bad Councilman Truth had to mislead everyone two years ago into believing that he would seriously consider PC. If he hadn't done so, I (and others) wouldn't have wasted our time trying to educate him. Oh well.

Going forward, while I know the timing doesn't look good, I do believe that Matt Altieri is sincere about his interest in considering performance contracting. Thank you, Matt.

Finally, EC member Dave Gavin intends to prepare questions for the four contractors who have offered alternatives to the pool bubble. Those meetings are scheduled for Sept 15 & 16.

Tim White

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