Tuesday, September 15, 2009

09/10 Referenda - $500,000 for CHS infrastructure improvements?

$500,000 for CHS infrastructure improvements?You can find details of spending on school infrastructure here.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Is this for the Locker room re-location?What will they do with the existing one?

What exactly will they be doing?
Love these referendums when they ask for this kind of money, but don't really explain the use.

What do residents who don't read this blog do to find out what is going on??

Anonymous said...

Sounds like something else to vote NO for....

Anonymous said...

I am voting NO on this one as it is too vague....I believe you need to lock these guys into specific projects....

Anonymous said...

I agree the question is too vague. This is mostly for relocation of the boys locker room. Supposedly they want to move it down towards the football field.
In the meantime, Cheshire has this $525,000 grant that the turf heads want to use for their turf field.
They ought to redirect the grant to either the locker rooms or better yet, something even more important.
Imagine...the school has reduced the budget by 15 - 18 teaching positions yet some people out there want to spend nearly a million or maybe more on a turf field.
And the boe tries to say that academics are more important than sports??!! Who are they kidding?

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow night at the BOE meeting the turf is on the agenda. There was a turf meeting at the end of August that nearly no one knew about either. Isn't it nice how they're quietly sneaking this through.

Anonymous said...

Can someone on the council please ask the important question about use of the $525K grant?
Who makes the final decision on how the town should use this?

Why go to referendum if we already have this sitting and waiting?

Do the turf heads feel they will get all of it?

I will definitely vote no if they decide to move forward with the turf and try to get the town to foot the bill bor a new locker room.