Friday, September 04, 2009

Council meeting agenda - Sept 8, 2009

Here's the agenda for Tuesday's Council meeting:Tim White


Anonymous said...

"Redirection of the bienniel dinner funds to the fireworks"??

What's that all about?

Anonymous said...

Tim, you better get a nap in before the meeting. It looks like it's gonna be a long one!

Breachway said...

Why would we let youth baseball build a concession stand at Bartlem park? Are they not going to build their own fields near the prison? i can see this getting pushed thru already....pretty soon they will own that park as well as the one on Wiese Rd.

Anonymous said...

I'm not against the concession stand but it's too bad it couldn't be closer to the pool so that people at the pool could easily get something to eat. Since it becomes the property of the town, perhaps the town should have more of a say in where it's placed.

Also, I'd be curious to know if the people running the concession stand are going to be certified in sanitation. As a foodservice manager at one of the schools, there are many rules and regulations we have to follow when serving food to the students (proper cooking temps, cross contamination issues, HACCP rules, etc). Who would be liable if people got sick from any of the food served?