Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dear anonymous TH employee...

I got an anonymous letter from a Town Hall employee today. I offer you this:

In the past, I've voiced my concerns about how the town is run. I encourage you to speak to your friends and family in Cheshire and encourage them to cast a well-educated vote on November 3rd.

Another thought is for you to give questions (anonymously) to the League of Women Voters on October 21 at the Council candidates' forum. Perhaps you could ask:

"Do you think the Town is well-managed?"


"Do you think the Town's senior management is doing a good job?"

Yes, I know those questions are not exactly your concern. But from my perspective, it's all related. Either you're a card-carrying member of The Inner Circle or you are not.

Then take those responses and let all of your friends and family know which candidates are comfortable allowing the hostile work environment to continue... and which candidates intend to stop it.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Maybe the anonymous letter sender will provide examples of this hostile work environment on this blog. How are the uneducated supposed to become educated? How can I be sure that this person does just not have an axe to grind. Can we please bring concrete example into the light of day. Because if you can't why should I just take your word for it?

Anonymous said...

Example? That's easy. Do what Michaelangelo says or he'll fire you. Be Michaelanglo's scapegoat or he'll fire you. That's pretty much it.