Monday, September 28, 2009

Extending the linear trail in Southington

For those of you who are wondering what's happening with the linear trail in Southington... the MRJs Leslie Hutchison:

Southington received $3.2 million in federal stimulus funds for trail expansion, which will extend the pathway south about 10,000 linear feet from where it now ends at West Main Street. Preliminary construction is expected to begin in early winter, with completion planned for the spring.

It's about 10,000 feet from Southington's West Main Street to the Cheshire line.

Anybody happen to remember the nonsense that was getting regurgitated at the August Council meeting when the linear trail was being discussed?

Tim White


Anonymous said...

As Rush would say... for those of you in Rio Linda...that's a 1.9 miles.

Breachway said...

Rush is an idiot and one of the main reasons Republicans get a bad rap.

Anonymous said...

Guess it would have been better to extend our trai towards Southington.

Too bad Cheshire didn't try to get some of those stimulus dollars.

Anonymous said...

Cheshire does not want to extend the trail from Southington because they don't want a big gap in the center