Monday, September 14, 2009

Pool meetings on Tuesday & Wednesday

As I talk to people around town, inevitably one thing comes up:

the pool

And while even big pool supporters generally tell me that they agree with me that the recent $250,000 band-aid to address the mold was a waste of money... they're also happy to hear that there will be meetings to consider a permanent structure for the pool this week.

Despite the two years of foot dragging (by the whole Council majority), at this point I do give credit to Councilman Altieri for having scheduled the meetings. I hope that we hear some good news at the meetings. I'm looking forward to them.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

With the election just a few weeks away, Altieri is sure scrambling to cover his *ss on a number of fronts. First, performance contracting. Now, the pool. Almost admitting he's been neglecting priorities for the last two years.

Tony Perugini said...


The Pool topic comes up on just about every door I knock on. It seems that regardless of party affiliation, Cheshire voters don't want to continue to spend more money "band-aiding" the pool. Rather, they are looking for someone on Town Council to take a leadership role and put the future of the Town Pool to a town-wide vote. Most residents feel that they have no say in the future of the pool. Some Residents don't necessarily want the pool to close down. Rather, they want the town council to propose a solution: Either a seasonal or a year-round enclosed facility built "properly" and for the "long term". No more bubbles. :-)

Anne Giddings said...

I agree with Tony on the importance residents place on this issue. I hear about it at almost every house I visit.People do not want to have the pool continually "fixed."

I believe that the voters should be given the opportunity to indicate their preferance, and Nov. 3 would have been a good time.

1. Summer pool only, no cover
2. Bubble cover to be replaced at a cost of approximately $_________.
3. Permanent cover at a cost of approximately $______
4. Permanent cover with retractable section at a cost of approximately $_________

This is too big an issue to be continually fumbled. Let's get the sense of what the people want and then DO it as expeditiously (and of course, correctly!) as possible.

Anonymous said...

I ask those of you running for office, how do we fund a permanent structure?
Will there be guarantees that the town will not have to continue to subsidize it?
You can put a permanent structure on it, but that doesn't end what the town subsidizes.
We need answers.
We need people who will stand up to the rubber stampers and not be afraid to tell them that this town is sick and tired of their ridiculous spending habits. We are tired of the lies. We are tired of them giving favors to developers.

We need strong, smart representation during these difficult times.

Anonymous said...

We need to keep property taxes from going up. We need to make property taxes go down. We probably really need to choose between keeping teachers with exorbitant salary increases and heating the behemoth pool during the winter months - - -

The TC needs a new mix with the current crop of Dems again in the minority. November can't come too soon.

Anonymous said...

Do you think we can do away entirely with the current group of Dems?
That would make this town a better place.

John said...


Read your LTTE a few weeks ago. Great letter until your said you were running for the BOE. The BOE has nothing to do with the pool other pay the rental rate for use by the swim teams. Understand your message but the average voter will ask why are you running for the BOE and writing about the pool. You made a mistake on this. Secondly, in your letter you mention info was hard to get. Not true, do to the Town Manager's office and ask for whatever you need on the pool, it is readily available, I know, I have and continue to do so.