Saturday, September 26, 2009

Website for Tony Perugini (Board of Ed, R)

Republican Board of Education candidate Tony Perugini has a website:

An excerpt from his website:

Common sense says we need to focus on our core foundation in education: Reading, Writing and Math. Without a solid foundation, our children will not be prepared for life. As much as I'm biased towards technology I learned a long time ago that simply throwing technology at a problem is not necessarily going to fix it. If the foundation is cracked, technology will make that crack worse. In great or poor economic times, we cannot lose focus of the basics. Common sense says we need to balance needs vs. wants. Let's get our 'needs' in order and earn our 'wants'.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Proof of Residency.....Article in Wat Republican where Region 10 Schools (Burlington/Watertown)expelled (20) students for being non-residents. Why can't we require students to provide proof of residency like we have to do at the Town Dump??? One of my kids classmates NEVER lived in Cheshire; parents rented an apt for (6) months long enough to get a Cheshire PO Box (where report card was delivered); the kid commuted from his home in Meriden.

Anonymous said...

I have heard the same problem in some of the elementary schools - kids using "grandma's address" etc. Cheshire should do the same as Region 10. We should be going directly to the addresses given to verify residency.
There should also be a number to call where people could anonymously report people trying to fool the system.

Anonymous said...

It wouldn't surprise if Mr. Florio actively recruits kids into the school system from outside of town so he can boost his enrollment numbers. Otherwise, why would any responsible person in Flori's staff or the B.O.E turn a blind eye residency requirements? Everyone knows that as soon as enrollment begins to drop, so will the education budget and Mrowka/Florio just can't let that happen.

- Eric C.