Thursday, September 24, 2009

Town mismanagement = no sewer fee?

I was told tonight that the WPCA meeting was quite interesting. Apparently the Authority actually discussed the possibility of having no sewer fee this year. That's right... it wasn't about having no increase in the fee... they were discussing the elimination of the fee.


(drumroll, please)

Inattention by Town Hall... shocking! Of course, anyone who follows this blog knows that I've been saying several members of the Town's senior management need to be held accountable. That's partly due to the existence of a hostile work environment. But in the case of the WPCA, it's the inability of staff to do their job which creates long-term problems for the town and the taxpayers.

So over the course of the next 40 days, I strongly encourage you to try to identify five Council candidates who are willing to hold the Town's senior management accountable.

While the pool gets the headlines, it's the mismanagement of the Town that is IMHO the single biggest issue facing Cheshire.

Tim White

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Anonymous said...

It is unbelievable that developers , for new construction, can simply hook up to the sewage system without paying for the replacement cost of the capacity they will use. Why do existing taxpayers have to provide developers with welfare? Either they pay for the capacity or they can put in septic tanks, and if the land can not support a septic tank, then they have to hook up to the sewer line and pay for the capacity. It's that simple.

Exempt from a capacity charge would be any existing user whose septic system failed, but if should not cover any existing structure that has been modifed in such a way as to increase the sewage disposal load.

These are unusual times now and into the future, so it is necessay to have new users pay fairly for what they get.

Other towns charge, why doesn't Cheshire?

I believe in Florida, new construction has to pay for the infrastucture, and that's not only for sewers.