Sunday, September 20, 2009

Town Council on Fox!

I was knocking on doors today and spoke with a lady who asked me if any of my questions were being answered yet. The discussion reminded me of this video of a recent Town Council meeting:

Tim White


Anonymous said...

In just six weeks we get to vote out Chief Wiggum and return some honesty and competence to town government.

Anonymous said...

Wiggum's son, Ralphie, is more accomplished than some on the TC. As Raphie proudly boasts, "I've been potty trained!"

And what's with Laura DeCaprio missing so many votes? Word is that she's NOT home taking care of the baby on some of those nights, but is out pursuing other, er, social activities.

Anonymous said...

I don't really care where she is, but maybe Tim can provide the voting records of some of the council members. That way we can see who really cares about the town and who is there to be a puppet.

Anonymous said...

Normally it would be her private business, except she's elected to do a job. If she's not going to show up, she should be replaced. Just like any other job.

Mixville said...

I agree with 947. Laura has not been attending & voting at meetings. This is the issue.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Great analogy to the town's current fiscal mismanagement. A plane crash indeed while Ecke pretends to be a CPA, DeCaprio pretends to be a member of the TC, and Clancy Wiggum pretends to be a police chief. Time to clean up the wreckage.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the GOP should dig up the editorial that the Herald did when DeCaprio was sitting in the audience talking with a friend while discussion of an issue was going on. SHe was then called back to vote, having not listened to anyone who spoke.

When she is at the TC meetings is she really there??

I would rather have Marge Simpson run.

marge simpson said...


Mike Ecke: Milhouse or Krusty the Clown

Matt Altieri: Chief Wiggum or Principal Skinner

Laura DeCaprio: Moe or Smithers (Burns’ sycophantic assistant)

Sheldon Dill: Smithers or Ned Flanders

Matt Hall: Mayor Joe Quimby or Mr. Burns

Anonymous said...

It's time to clear the Town Council bench and send the Dem's packing. They have voted in lock-step without listening or caring about representing the voters, their only concern has been to give the developers, realtors and special interest groups whatever they want without any consideration of the benefit or the cost to the taxpayers and they have shown total disregard for keeping Cheshire a good place to live.

They have approved everything that the mall developer, W/S, and the owners of the property Paul Bowman, Frank DiNatali and Doug Calgani wanted, even though the vast majority of people were against the mall. Whatever the developers want, the Dems deliver. What we have had in Cheshire is welfare for the developers.

If you've noticed how little the Dems listen, you know that they don't have to listen, they have been given their marching orders long before the public is aware of an agenda item, and they vote as they have been told. Who controls these puppets? Is it the Dem party chairman or is it the town manager, and why do they do it.

It's time to elect people who really care about Cheshire and not those that seek public service only to serve themselves. We don't need any more lawyers, realtors, business consultant, builders, or any people that will profit from their office. We need real people that love this town.

Anonymous said...

9:13 PM
Pick 7 from this list of 9.

The Ides of March said...

the republicans will lose in november-since they do nothing but trash talk-it will come to an end-you will be lucky to have two or three republicans on the town council

Anonymous said...

Hey 11:39-i know you are a disgruntled cop

Anonymous said...

...and Tim White is Moleman