Monday, September 14, 2009

Fire Chief to investigate ongoing software costs

From the MRJs Jesse Buchanan:

The town may buy an advanced emergency communications system through a grant received last month from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

But while the initial purchase wouldn't cost the town, Fire Chief Jack Casner wants to determine annual costs before recommending approval of the grant to the Town Council next month.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Estimated Annual Operating Costs: Satellite usage fees of $1,000 for every 140 MB of data upload/download (actual usage will vary by user). The agency/department will be responsible for this fee from start of use. Additionally, after first year, $3,508/yr for hardware and software maintenance and support, and $1,078/yr for telecommunication costs (unlimited cellular data services, monthly satellite fee to maintain SIM card activation, and VoIP Phone Service through Skype).

That $1K for 140MB sounds like a big fee.

Anonymous said...

Is this for Hardware AND software or just software? If so, you would have to ask what effect this software will have on the existing hardware PLUS all of the other software programs run on the existing hardware??? COULD require HArdware upgrade....

Anonymous said...

All hardware is included

Using Sat-Phones costs more as the phone is connecting with a satellite rather than a pole mounted reciever. Limitations to a regular Sat-Phone is they can only be used for voice communication. This hardware will allow internet access and fax capabilities. During an emergency, communication is extremely important and all avenues need to be provided for. As a tax payer, I highly endorse this purchase and future charges as another tool to protect our residents.

Anonymous said...

I like that the chief is actually investigating the ongoing software costs rather than just jump into it like so many other projects this town had done.

Too bad the PW and TC didn't investigate a little further the PMS.

Anonymous said...

I have heard that the CPD & CFD have different radio systems & can't communicate with each other. That's what happened at the WTC with the NYPD & NYFD

Anonymous said...

Hope it works better then my AT&T Mobility service does inside of the town's borders!

First of all how have we survived all these years without this?

Next, has anyone looked at just what 140 MBs gives you in terms of faxes and databases transmitted back and forth?

If this system was really used, like for hours or for days what would the cost be?

140MB of paperwork is not a whole lot of stuff if the system was really being used and useful. If the system exchanged information continuously for only 1 hr what would the maximum number of MBs charged for be?

As for Mr Dill’s pronouncement of quick TC passage, I sure hope the TC thinks this one out better than it thought out our must have bubble topped town pool in all of its recent evolutions.

And lastly, what's the back up for this system? We should not forget that communications satellites are just man made objects which are also subject to failures when least expected.

Anonymous said...

CPD and CFD do have different systems. CFD is running the same system since the early to mid 80's and the CPD recently changed to a digital system that is harder for the general public to listen to. The police went digital as it allows only their radios to hear eachother and makes scanners obsolite.

For the record, this is not a radio system as it is a phone. Works just like your cell phone except it connects by satellite instead of ground based cell sites.

I believe the FD is looking to use this new satellite phone as a backup crisis system. Other than maintenance costs, it should not cost us a dime unless we use it.

I dont think anything would be backing up this system except another satellite. I do not know what the fail rate of a satellite is but I would assume it to be quite low.

Finally, cost should not be considered if this device is used for days on end. If it is used that much, than there would be no other source of communications (no cell, landline, internet, etc..) If we are in that predicatament, FEMA would be covering the cost of the phone.

Anonymous said...

In the event of another 9/11, FEMA/Homeland Security will disable NON-Federal telephone systems--CFD included....9/11/01 so overloaded commercial phone systems the Fed put plans in place to pull the plug in the event of another nat'l catastrophe...

Anonymous said...

Actually, fire, police, and medical are considered Homeland Security so these agencies will not be without phones.

I give Jack Casner credit for taking the responsible approach and researching this plan from A-Z. We need more public officials and town staff to be more concerned about all associated costs regardless of how important a tool may be. He reminds me of the Nextel commercial that asks, "What if firefighters ran the country?" Looks like he would do better than our current council.

Jack Casner for Mayor!

Anonymous said...

Casner is a fireman....why would we have him researching software?