Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pool meeting: first two (of four) vendor proposals

Two of the proposers of a permanent structure for the pool spoke tonight. The first vendor was Open-Aire (from Canada). The second vendor was O, R & L from Branford / Glastonbury.

Both proposals had price tags in the $5,200,000 to $5,300,000 range. I appreciated both firms visiting and speaking. Frankly though, the Open-Aire guys specialize in pool structures and it showed.

Both vendors spoke of possible energy-related savings. Open-Aire's number was around $125,000 / year. O, R & L's number was about $70,000 / year.

Open-Aire builds aluminum frame structures that look like a greenhouse. O, R & L offered an interesting design, but it didn't have a particularly open feel to it.

Councilman Altieri did a good job chairing a very fluid meeting.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Boy, did the taxpayers of Cheshire get hosed when they built this pool......

Anonymous said...

Over $5 million for a permanent structure??

Are we nuts?

I guarantee that those pool backers 10 years ago knew what they were doing. Lets tell the people that it will be self sufficient. Lets go cheap on the dry wall. Lets put up a cheap bubble. That way the residents will think it was a bargain 10 years ago. They probably also thought the residents would love it so much that 10 years later a pemanent structure will cover the pool.

Guess what, the majority of this town will not want to spend that kind of money, especially with no guarantees.

Make it summer only!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny how interested Altieri is in these projects less than 2 months before the election....

Anonymous said...

What do we currently pay for energy at the pool?

Perhaps even $125,000 in savings is not enough???

Anonymous said...

3:12 I believe it's just over $400,000 a year.

Anonymous said...

Now let's see, how about the one that's got the see thru design, no no, maybe we should go for the fake brick front this time - - - Here we go again. A bunch of local amateurs trying to figure out just what the bidders are all up to.

Now that we are looking at all the great ideas just what are the hard criteria being used to evaluate each proposal? Or won't we know until later how all the proposals should be evaluated?

Good to hear councilman Altieri is getting better at running meetings. Now maybe we should all get special wake up calls when councilman Altieri gets some technical credentials in the building trades.

November can't come soon enough this year.