Thursday, September 10, 2009

September 11

I hope you enjoy this blog. It's an excellent tribute to Father Mychal Judge:

Excerpt from the
Last Homily of Father Mychal Judge
FDNY Chaplain,
at Mass for Firefighters: Sept. 10, 2001

You do what God has called you to do.
You get on that rig,
you go out and do the job.
No matter how big the call,
no matter how small,
you have no idea of what
God is calling you to do, but
God needs you. He needs me.
He needs all of us.


Breachway said...

Thanks Tim,
I really believe this guy is a Saint. There is a documentary out there by I think some French guys that happened to be filming at the towers on 9/ of their video clips showed Father Mike standing in the concourse of the towers, looking up at the sky and praying. It was total chaos with things falling all around. You could hear the sound of bodies hitting the ground outside as people jumped to escape the heat on the upper floors. I will never forget that. Faith, courage and commitment. God bless him and everyone else that died on 09/11.

CFD said...

Even prior to his heroic death on 9/11, Father Mychal Judge was widely seen by many New Yorkers as a living saint for his deep spirituality and his extraordinary work not only with firefighters, but also with the homeless, recovering alcoholics, people with AIDS, immigrants, gays and lesbians, and others rejected by society.

Father Mike was truly a saint, but not sanctimonious. He had a great sense of humor, and could even tell a good off-color joke. He was a saint because he truly loved everyone, unconditionally. For many, he was the closest thing to meeting Jesus, and many now pray to him.

Anonymous said...

A funny story about Fr. Mike. As FDNY chaplain, he knew Mayor Rudy Giuliani well. During Giuliani's messy divorce, he asked Fr. Mike to pray for him.
Fr. Mike responded, "God is probably tired of hearing from me all the time. I think He'd much rather hear from you!"