Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Ron Paul on North Korea

Check out this video to see Ron Paul give his take on this weekend's hullabaloo over North Korea:

Congressman Paul points out that if North Korea ever did attack America, North Korea would be eliminated within minutes. And while some may argue that Kim Jong Il is a madman (he is)... and we never know what he may do... I then counter that any action taken by America is irrelevant because we're not working with a rational human being. So why bother getting worked into a tizzy over the missile launch?

Don't get me wrong, America shouldn't ignore it. But I don't see why President Obama is publicly involved.

The President promised Change you can believe in! All I see is more of the same. No thank you. And with each passing week I come closer to the conclusion that Obama is not the populist of his campaign, but rather a fully-credentialed member of The Political Class.

Tim White

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