Monday, February 23, 2009

Building Assessment Consultant discussion - Feb 10

Here's the 27 minute discussion regarding the proposed hiring of a consultant to assess the buildings:

I don't have the cost handy, but it's in the neighborhood of $150,000. While I believe there's value offered in the service, I don't see the need to spend this money right now.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

In this economy, there should be a hiring freeze.
Why would we even consider creating a job like that during difficult times.
Sometimes I wonder if the TC even know what reality is.

Anonymous said...

You can do an assessment NOW using EXISTING Town employees; may not be as detailed as a $150K study but will tell you MOST of what we need to know. The TM can & should be able to do this

Come up with a Questionaire (much like you would do for your own house) that lists 1) The various buildings in Cheshire and their infrastructure (roof, heating, plumbing, etc) 2) How many years since install or last replaced. This would go on a spreadsheet and an guesstimate of when the next repair/replacement would take place along with a $$ estimate for cost. The sort the spreadsheet by year & total up what needs to be done.

Looks at our schools--CHS, Dodd, Highland, DArcy, Humiston, Doolittle, Norton, Chapman--THEY COLLECTIVELY ARE 425 YEARS OLD!!! TO REPLACE IN TODAY'S COSTS: APPROXIMEATLEY $1 BILLION

And the Town is considering artificial turf for CHS??? Hello McFly!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh boy!!

Here's hoping they will first tackle the energy pig known as the town pool and that it won't be more good money spent after bad - - -

914 am has some points too. How come with the large and expensive pool of municipal employee talent do we need to hire an out-of-state consulting firm to do stuff like load the town utility bills into an EPA data base? Hope we can actually find the energy usage figures the database requires.

Anonymous said...

About 8 years ago Seimens did a compete energy study for the Town and they did nothing with it. Not much has changed since that study was done except buildings and the mechanical systems got older.

We should outsource our Town Council and Town Manager.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, outsourcing our town council and town manager.

Come to think of it, the average Indian businessman could probably run the town more cost effectively.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, outsourcing our town council and town"

Definitely the entire Cheshire school system. Currently, when the number of students goes down, the number of classrooms goes up, the number of teachers goes up, the number of administrators goes up, the number of aides goes up, all town employee salaries and benefits go up, people's property values are jacked up and the taxpayer's life style goes down.

What a great system.

The town is out of control.

Anonymous said...

… or as Matt and the spendoholics would say, “It’s for the children!”

Translation: “I’ve got mine, so stop whining.”