Thursday, April 02, 2009

A 2008 timeline of the Teachers' contract votes

At tonight's public hearing and over the past few months, I've heard an attempt at rewriting history. Specifically, I've heard comments about how the world economy started collapsing after the Board of Ed and / or Council voted in favor of the Teachers' contract.

For the record, here are some of the significant events relating to both the adoption of the Teachers' contract and the US economy:

February 13, 2008 - $168 billion Bush stimulus package

March 27, 2008 -
$29 billion Bear Stearns bailout

July 14, 2008 -
$300 billion Fannie / Freddie bailout

September 17, 2008 -
$85 billion AIG bailout

September 21, 2008 -
$700 billion Bush bailout

October 2, 2008 -
Board of Ed vote on the Teachers' contract

November 12, 2008 -
Council vote on the Teachers' contract

Frankly, I find it totally disingenuous when I hear members of both the Board and Council suggest they couldn't have seen this economic downturn coming at the time of the vote on either October 2 or November 12.

In fairness to Board members, during much of the negotiations they would have been unaware of the $700 billion bailout. But there was no need to support the contract on October 2. As for Council members who supported the contract on the basis that they wanted to avoid $20,000 in legal fees I say - your "fiscal responsibility" would have made more sense when you voted to waste $20,000 on the pool consultant.

I'm so glad Sheldon Dill is back and knocking some sense into The Rubber Stampers... even if the only reason is a certain someone (not Sheldon) is doing it simply to be the next person to bear Cheshire's title of Honorary Mayor.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Please tell me that Altieri isn't running again...if so, we must find someone to beat him. How hard could that be?

Anonymous said...

Those people were getting their economic advice from Chris Dodd

Bill said...

Any organization that makes the choice to sacrifice their young for the sake of the old need to be culled from herd. This is why the union mentality should be replaced.

Anonymous said...

Sheldon Dill making sense?