Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spending reduction idea - staffing hours

The following information details Town staffing levels over the past decade:(Source: Town audit)

My thought on spending reductions... roll back the clock a couple years on staffing levels? This is the same idea I mentioned at the Council meeting three months ago:

I'd rather look at returning to former staffing levels that may reduce an ee's work from 30 to 20 hrs / wk... rather than laying off people.

Also the Council could look to reduce overtime.

If you heard Tom Ruocco last night, he mentioned a letter that was apparently sent to the whole Council. Cindy over at UTH posted the details here and further discussed the letter here.

The letter discussed whether certain town staff positions should be paid overtime - not whether overtime should be paid to staff who are appropriately classified as non-exempt... but whether certain non-exempt staff should be reclassified to exempt status... thereby eliminating their overtime pay.

IMO, the Council should consider both issues, but particularly the latter. Unfortunately, as I explained a year ago, several Council members disagree. In fact, it was this particular issue in June 2007 that led me to the conclusion that several Council members are oftentimes little more than a Rubber Stamp.

Tim White

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