Saturday, March 07, 2009

PA SportsTicker's Cheshire office to close

From the WRAs David Krechevsky:

STATS LLC, a global sports information provider, has acquired PA SportsTicker and plans to eliminate or relocate nearly 100 full- and part-time jobs from an office in Cheshire.

STATS is co-owned by the Associated Press and Rupert Murdoch's New Corp. It acquired SportsTicker on Thursday from PA Sports, based in the United Kingdom, for an undisclosed amount.

SportsTicker employs 75 full-time workers and "a couple dozen" more part-time workers in a leased office at 55 Realty Drive in Cheshire, as well as sales staff in New York City, according to Gary Walrath, chief executive officer of STATS. Walrath said the majority of staff in Cheshire would be laid off over the next six months, though some jobs may be relocated to its main office in Chicago.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Hey, that's around the corner from Murphy's St. Paddy's day fundraiser. Maybe he'll give the staff free invites to explain how well President Obama's economic strategy is working

Anonymous said...

I "bet" you he won't!

Anonymous said...

Has our Economic Development Coordinator, Town Manager, State Representatives, both local and federal, and governor met with the company to see if what could be done to keep these jobs in Cheshire? Or, at least ask them to list the reasons of why they want to move them.

Anonymous said...