Tuesday, February 03, 2009

WRA on "honest mistakes"

The WRA has this good editorial on the "honest mistakes" of today's leading Democrats - Joe Crisco, Charles Rangel, Thomas Daschle, etc. I am disappointed though with the list's lack of Republicans - Ted Stevens, Lou Deluca, etc.

Neither donkeys nor elephants have any exclusive rights to "honest mistakes."

Tim White


Anonymous said...

I really feel sorry for Obama. He himself had said that Washington was filled with lobbyists. He has found it is difficult to find anyone there that doesn't have a checkered past, or who actually paid their taxes or doesn't have some other surprising behavior.

What we can finally figure out is that many people don't have to worry about paying taxes except when they are chosen to serve the American people. It makes me realize that Internal Revenue must has a list of special people who are off limits.

As for Daschle, we should thank him for doing the right thing by dropping out. He really sacrificed an opportunity to really make some big money, just think of the valuable stuff he could have sold. Now, Dashle with his lobbyist wife have to go back to making a few million a year. I'm not sure Rod Blago would have done the same.

And, we have to give the Dems credit for standing up for Daschle no matter how sleazy the American people thought he was. It shows how they certainly don't let
principles stand in the way of supporting one of their own. As we expect so very little from our congressmen, we can't feel any more disappointed than we were before.

Anonymous said...

If you or I made such "honest mistakes" with the IRS, we'd go to jail.