Thursday, February 19, 2009

Trash hauling contract - further discussion next week

As a followup to yesterday's post on the need for the Council to act on the trash hauling contract... I got an email from the Solid Waste Chairman, Matt Altieri. He said he didn't get my emails, but Councilman Ecke forwarded him my email from yesterday. Fair enough. I know I have problems with email sometimes.

Anyway, he's seen my suggestion for requesting bids on several different trash hauling options, such as:

1) 1 yr contract only - standard pickup
2) 6 yr contract only - standard pickup
3) 1 yr contract (standard) + 5 yr contract (automated)
4) 3 mos contract (standard) + 5 yr contract (automated)

And he said there will be a Solid Waste meeting (including discussion on the trash hauling contract) next Tuesday before the full Council's special meeting.

Hopefully we can take some action expeditiously.

Tim White

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