Friday, February 13, 2009

Action needed to maintain continuous municipal trash hauling

Since the Town's trash hauling contract expires on June 30, I think it'll be worthwhile to keep everyone aware of my efforts to ensure the Town will be collecting trash on July 1. To that end, on Wednesday night I emailed Councilmen Altieri and Ecke... looking for a way to move forward. And since I didn't hear anything back by Thursday night, I emailed them this last night:

Matt / Mike...

In 2004 we issued
a bid with multiple trash hauling options. Perhaps we issue a bid with several options again, such as:

1 yr contract only - standard pickup
6 yr contract only - standard pickup
1 yr contract (standard) + 5 yr contract (automated)
3 mos contract (standard) + 5 yr contract (automated)



My goal is simply to offer new ideas for how to move forward, ensuring uninterrupted municipal trash collection. And with that in mind, you should know that Jimmy Sima is also working to ensure a timely bidding of the trash hauling contract.

He found this info on the "Connecticut Procurement Daily":

Of course, bidding time constraints were already discussed at Tuesday's Council meeting - noting that the contract could be bid and awarded prior to the April 17 deadline for next year's budget. So to see a Town going to bid just yesterday (Feb 12) with bids to be opened by March 17 is not surprising.


(Please note the above video is an extended version of the video I normally use. At the end, it offers a bit of color analysis by Obi-Wan Kenobi.)

But seriously... action is needed to maintain continuous municipal trash hauling services. I hope this doesn't turn out to be another "performance contracting" situation in which the majority needs to get information... then gets the information... then falsely blames me for not informing them.

Tim White

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