Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Let the bail outs roll!

Sung to The Cars' classic tune:

Let the bail outs roll
Let them knock you around
Let the bail outs roll
Let them make you a clown

- American Presidents, since 2008

And now from the NYTimes' (By BILL VLASIC and NICK BUNKLEY):

The price tag for bailing out General Motors and Chrysler jumped by another $14 billion Tuesday, to $39 billion, with the two automakers saying they would need the additional aid from the federal government to remain solvent.

In return, the two companies also promised to make further drastic cuts to all parts of their operations...

G.M., for example, said it would cut 47,000 more of its 244,000 workers worldwide; close five more plants in North America, leaving it with 33...

Ahhh... job creation you can believe in!

All kidding aside... Bush's $700 billion bailout was wrong and so is Obama's stimulus package.

As I said last September, it's pain now or pain later. I say pain now. That means ending these bailouts and stimulus packages that are devaluing the dollar and increasing the importance of countries with a less-than-stellar record on freedom.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

You have to love the $8 million for the Disneyland to Las Vegas magnetic levitation train. Drop the kids off in Disney in the morning and off to Sin City. Pick them up at the end of the day. That should help our economy.
And then to hear Sen. Chuck Schumer make this ridiculaous statement: The American people really don't care about these "little tiny, yes, porky amendments....Only the 'chattering classes' worry about such trivial matters."

Add them all up and yes, we in the "chattering classes" do care.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if this is still in the bill or not, but it was mentioned on one of Sean Hannity's shows a few weeks ago that there was money in the bill for shelters for prostitutes. Money for condoms and smoking cessation programs.....there seems to be no limit on the excesses that Democrats have now drowned us all in.
So far, Mr. Obama has provided no leadership. Basically, he delegated the task of fixing the economy to Nancy Pelosi and she took over along with the other self-serving liberals in Congress.
I hope America wakes up from their love affair with Obama and the Democrats. I hope Americans will finally realize that Obama can deliver a good speech, but when it comes to quality solutions, he can't make them. He is too inexperienced and relies too much on his inept, far left comrades.

Anonymous said...

"So far, Mr. Obama has provided no leadership."

What do you base this on? Are you comparing him to Bush who led the world into the sorry state that we are all in?

Are you for more people dying of cancer and higher health care costs so that the tobacco companies can make money.

Are you against providing a means for prostitutes to escape this awful life and have a chance to have a decent life.

Are you for more teen pregnancies and the spread of HIV?

How would you feel if you had a daughter who smoked and was working in the sex trade?

Anonymous said...

In reply to the last anonymous post:

I am evaluating Obama on his performance. He did not have much of a hand in the design of this so-called stimulus bill--please check the news reports again.

I am not in favor of cancer, death, teen pregnancy, HIV, or any other ill-fated thing you can think of to write about in response to this blog.

I am for people taking responsibility for themselves--I am not in favor of government intruding upon every facet of people's lives.

People need to stop relying on government to solve their problems. Tax payers bear the burden.

Anonymous said...

The government cannot give something to someone without taking it from someone else.

Oh, and BTW, Harry Reid's "train to nowhere" is $8 billion, with a "B", not $8 million.

Anonymous said...

"The government cannot give something to someone without taking it from someone else."

Your liberal attitude is clear....I think you should join our government in their quest for socialism. That way, you can take from those work hard and give to those who don't.

Anonymous said...


That was my point. The government is taking money from responsible, hard-working people and giving it to others without their consent. The government has no money. They take it from the taxpayers. What about my statement did you not understand!!?? How did you interpret that to be "liberal"?

Anonymous said...

I am sorry....I truly thought the response about the government taking from people to give to others was from the liberal who responded with the doom and gloom scenarios regarding HIV, prostitutes, cancer, smoking, etc.... I thought this blogger was in agreement with Obama's vision of "spreading the wealth."
Thank you.