Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sweeping dust off the deck of the Titanic

I don't have cable TV, so I've missed much of what others have seen on the debate over Obama's stimulus package. But the web offers plenty of information.

As I see it, the GOP talking points include some very legitimate concerns about spending. But Washington Republicans have two bigger problems:

1) the supporters of Bush's bailout lack credibility, and
2) yelling about wasting a million bucks in a trillion dollar package is like sweeping dust off the deck of the Titanic in an effort to "lighten the load."

The Republicans were right to reject the stimulus package. But they were wrong in failing to offer an alternative on such a major issue - the economy.

Too bad they continue to ignore the very real issue of monetary policy. If they were smart, they'd start substantive discussions on monetary policy (sound money vs. fiat money) and resurrect the image of the father of President Obama's Democratic Party - Andrew Jackson slaying the central bank:Tim White

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