Saturday, February 07, 2009

Followup on personnel-related questions

As a followup to this email / post, the Personnel Committee Chairman responded to me... suggesting that I should contact Town Hall for the information. Fair enough.

It is too bad though... those questions were a result of conversations I had with town personnel. So I was hoping the Personnel Chairman would have already been aware of the concerns of personnel. But maybe town personnel already see what I see and don't even bother because of their expectations of what they'll be told?

Regardless, I took the suggestion and emailed staff. And since staff had already been compiling a general breakdown on the Town Attorney's fees... we should be getting something on that at the Tuesday Council meeting.

Tim White

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Anonymous said...

How can it be said that money spent on attorney fees for personnel are less than $3,500? It's been said that a law suit is pending against a Town of Cheshire Supervisor. I hope tax payers don"t foot this bill!