Saturday, February 07, 2009

Background on the trash hauling vote

Here is the memo from the Town Hall to the Town Council explaining some relevant details on the trash hauling contract that will expire this June 30. Having read it, I'm leaning toward bidding the contract now... but am undecided.Your thoughts?

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Cheshire, is a good town to do business in. Even if your business committed a serious felony against everyone in town not to worry you'll be rewarded with a no-bid contract including an increase in your contract just because, Cheshire is a good place to do business with - - -

Breachway said...

If AJ gets this contract the TC and town manager should be ashamed of themselves. How about this reply to AJ: We are no longer interested in doing business with you. Period.

Anonymous said...

"... the TC and town manager should be ashamed . . ."

Precisely! If the town renews, with a no-bid contract, its current contract, with a felonious local firm whose owner gets free room and board at the El Federali Hotel & Convict Center maybe the town lacks the all important institutional moral compass - - -

Robert DeVylder JR said...

You 3 should be ashamed... Cheshire is one of the worst towns to do business with. PERIOD! How many businesses come to the P+Z and get asked to jump through impossible hoops to build in town? Davidson Co. had to relocate to Wallingford because we would not let them build a warehouse across the street from their former location on a cul-de-sac. Stone Works had to pick up their entire operation and move because all of a sudden the property across from the Police Station cant be used for that type of operation. I know businesses have come and gone from that location for over 25 years but now it's an illegal use. Ironicly, they were told that they couldnt stockpile material on that or any site in town due to regulations, but if you drive past Boulder Knoll/Lassen Farm, you will find the 50-100 yards of fill the town is stockpiling on the open space violating the Federal Govt. regulations regarding grants for purchase.
Look at the Fire Dept. trying to purchase a new truck. At former councilor Schrumn's request, the bid package was revised to make it as universal and open as possible to attract more than 1 bid. What happened? 1 bid - Pierce Mfg. Other manufacturers refused to bid because they did not want to do business with this town.
People, if you are going to comment on an article or topic, know some facts. AJ Wallinger turned the business and control of AJ Waste over to his sister, who is not in prison, meaning that the owner is NOT a felon. Read a paper if you dont believe me.
Breachway - for the next 4 months, who is going to haul your weekly trash? If you dont want to do business with AJ Waste, are you going to cart your waste on your own? If you put it to the curb like your neighbors, you are as 2 faced and hypoctitical as they come. It is not a requirement to take advantage of all town services. Haul your own cr@p!